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Quality Produce Management


  • Freight Brokering
  • Produce Inspection
  • Export Solutions
  • Quality Drivers
  • Driven Canadian Transportation Professionals
  • Temperature Controlled Trailers
  • Digital Ryan Recorders
  • Premium Sales Force
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Take One Hour

On a recent flight to Houston, Texas, to visit some customers, I was reading an article that stimula..


Horizon Transportation adds truck fleet...

One of the fastest growing 3PL’s Horizon Transportation Services out of Visali..


Put school salad bar plan in industry’s hands

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon in Salinas, Calif., hosted by the Uni..


Horizon Transportation supports United Fresh Produce Association to get A Salad Bar in Every School

Horizon Transportation supports The Salad Bar in Every School campaign which works to increase child..


Horizon Transpotation Services Launches New Website - Redesign features new look, better navigation

California-based trucking company Horizon Transportation has announced the launch of its re-designed..

“Our team is committed to work 24/7 so nothing
happens to your produce.
We believe your peace of
mind is priceless, and
deep inside, the only thing
you really want from us
is to give your produce
a new address.
Nothing But A New Address"